Iview HD plus IPTV Subscription

We now mainly sell Xtrix and Xtrix plus this is the same as Iview just a different name and is slightly more friendly for Australian user visit my site to check it out Xtrix

Iview Hd plus with 46 live channels having 7 days catch up TV this is a great package for the busy person or to save getting up at 3am to watch sporting events. It also has a great EPG for most of the UK channels. Iview HD is constantly adding channels so if there is something particular you want then let me know and I will see if it has been added.



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iview HD plus

Iview HD plus IPTV Subscription brings you the best on live TV with a vast selection of TV channels from around the world you are bound to find something to watch. Never miss your favorite sports event, keep in touch with the world news, catch the latest movie or just relax to your weekly tv shows. Iview HD plus is the future of TV today

Q – How do I install Iview HD plus

Note in Australia and NZ you may need a vpn to put the code in if you have one just make sure it is on when you put the Iview code in if not get a free one an easy one to get is tunnel bear download from google playstore once the code is in you can turn it off. Seems if you use Optus or an ISP that use Optus lines you can activate without a VPN.

A – Open the browser on your Android box and come to this page download the Iview HD plus Apk by clicking here once downloaded go to My apps on the main menu of your boxes and open app installer click local this will list all APKs on the box click the iview apk then click install you will find Iview in my apps or add an icon by clicking the ‘+’ sign once open put in your code and you are ready to watch TV and questions, of course, contact me. Once your payment has been received your subscription will be activated and I will send you your code via email this is usually with 12 hours but can take up to 72 hours during peaks times.

Q – How to open the adult XXX channels in iview HD plus?

A – Setting-Fill in “1827”- Show XXX- Fill in “1827” again, then you can watch. Xtrix is 4113

Q – Why it shows login failed?

A – Please login again, you will see the channels.

Iview HD Plus can only be used one 1 device

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