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Information on the MECOOL KIII PRO DVB-S2 DVB-T2 DVB-C Android 7.1 TV Box 3GB 16GB K3 Pro Amlogic S912 Octa Core 64bit 4K Combo CCCAM
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  • 1. What is Android Tv

    Android TV is a smart TV platform from Google.

    It was announced in June 2014 and with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android TV is now fully launched and marching into our lives.

    Android TV is the successor to Google TV, the company's previous stab at a big screen platform. You can pretty much forget that Google TV ever existed: the doors have been closed on it, and app developers encouraged to move over to Android TV instead.

    Simply put, Android TV is designed to bring the sorts of things you enjoy on your phone to your TV.

    That doesn't mean you'll be taking calls through your TV or trawling through emails, but it's about ease of navigation, access to entertainment and simple interactivity. It's about making your TV smart and doing it with an interface that's recognisable and easy to use.

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  • 2. Setting the time

    One of the first things you will want to do when you receive your android Tv box is to set your time zone. You can do this by going to settings - date & time - time - set time zone. You then scroll down the list until you get to your time zone, Australia is close to the bottom of the list when I set a box I just keep scrolling until it hits the bottom then scroll back up for Brisbane as I am in QLD

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  • 3. Which Box should I purchase

    Deciding which is the right box to purchase can be a little overwhelming first a recommendation is to purchase a box with 2gb ram and 16gb internal storage. Now I will run through some of the boxes I sell and describe the differences.

    MQX Pro because of it's cheap price this is a very popular box and to test if the world of Android boxes work for you I recommend this as a test box only as it only has 1gb ram and 8gb storage (out of this the system uses 4/5gb) so MXQ Pro boxes are constantly pushed to their limits7

    So which box do you pick first decide what you want the box for? If you just want to watch Tv Shows and movies a box with 2gb Ram and 16gb of Emmc storage will serve you well. If you may want to play games it may be worth making sure the box has Bluetooth so you can use things like BT remote, headphones and other accessories.

    Another factor to consider is the OS on the box I do not sell any boxes with earlier versions of Android than 5.5.1. most are Android 6.1 and some are Android 7.1 Future apps will be designed for Android 7.1 so by purchasing a box with the current version of Android it is going to be more compatible in the future although all 3 OS will give you plenty of apps that work and will be compatible for a long time to come

    One more thing on Ram most boxes have DDR3 a newer Ram is DDR4 at the time of writing all the boxes I sell have DDr3 except MeCool m8s Pro which has DDR4 And this is an excellent box and 1 I do recommend.

    I hope this helps a bit any questions please ask and I will do my best to help






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  • 1. MECOOL KIII PRO Set up Australian DTV

    First, make sure you have the Tv antenna connected to the back of the MeCool Kii

    Next Open the DTV player you will see a pop that says No channels do you wish to scan cancel this.

    Then press the menu button on the remote to bring up the menu and you want to go into DTV Preferences. There go into general settings and select DVB T/T2 here you need to change the area setting to your country in my case it is Australia then press exit X3 to go back to the menu.

    You then go to installation and pick DVB T/T2 then auto search and start let the scan run this may take a bit of time once it is completed your tv stations and radio will be set up.

    For some reason, the TV picture did not record on the recorder I used but the picture is perfect and the EPG works. Remember this is the same as watching TV through your TV


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